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Server crashing, timing out, or load issues

  • Turn on slow query logging and review queries in this log (submit ticket if necessary to have us review)
  • Check the following MySQL configuration variables on the server:       
    1. wait_timeout - Ensure this is not too large.  Generally 120 seconds (a value of 3600 for the setting) is a good starting point.
    2. connect_timeout - Ensure this is not too large

Crashed Tables

There are several reasons where a database table may crash or become corrupted and need repairing.

Generally when this happens you might see an error message similar to one of the following.

  • Table './database/table' is marked as crashed and should be repaired
  • File './database/table.MYD' not found (Errcode: 2)

Usually repairing the table is quite simple.  However, there may be other scenarios when the table is corrupted enough where further steps will be needed.

Following these steps in order can successfully repair a crashed or corrupted table.  If these steps fail, we suggest contacting your web host for further assistance.

  1. Run the following query and replace TABLE_NAME with the database table name that is corrupted.

    Repair Table Query
    REPAIR TABLE `pmd_search_log`
  2. If the query in step #1 fails and you have SSH access you may try the following command.  We suggest disabling all traffic to the website before doing so.

    mysqlcheck -r -u mysqlusername -p databasename 
  3. If the SSH command in step #2 fails we suggest shutting down or stopping MySQL and then running this command:

    myisamchk -r -u root -p tablename