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The following features are available for jobs:

  • Title
  • Friendly URL
  • Active and Pending status including approval
  • Categories
  • Type (Full-time, part-time, etc)
  • Additional data such as website, email, phone, contact, benefits, compensation, descriptions, requirements, keywords and META data.

Adding a Job

Jobs are tied to listings.  A job cannot be added individually.

For jobs to be allowed for a listing the number of allowed jobs must be higher than 0 for the product type under Control Panel → Setup → Products/Services

To add a job, navigate to the listing in the control panel.  In the listing header/navigation there is a button labeled "Jobs" with a + sign next to it.  Clicking the + sign will allow a job to be added to that listing.

Viewing Jobs

Jobs are found at the /jobs_search.php URL.

For example from our demo:

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